Arranging a Movie Night for a Good Cause

If one is really a part of community, he knows when to give back to a community. This idea is what was successful in the past like centuries back, and still is in modern times of 21st century. Love is a never ending gesture, the impact it gives to a soul and the body is what cannot be explained with words. Love in community is what makes it prosper and turns it into civilized community. Civilization were there in every age, and many ruins dating century backs give us an idea how people centuries ago got together and started living with each other. Otherwise the world is so big and huge that everybody can get a place and area for themselves and live like a king. Though now borders have been drawn and armies are there to protect their claimed land, idea of humanity will stay forever. We came in this world alone and we will go alone. How we manage our time on earth will define our personality, character and standing for people alive after we are dead, or for someone who believes in life after death, in front of God Almighty.

I as a God fearing person has always thanked God for what is bestowed upon me and keep my eyes open for the responsibilities as the result of my status. I make sure to arrange something which is a good and healthy time for the people of my society. The idea is to get them together for social purpose and also introduce the need of charity work for different walks of life around us. The awareness brings a lot of change. People when realize that something is needed for real go an extra mile to help.

After every 3 months or whenever movies which have a special meaning, having some education point in it, I arrange a ‘movie night’ for the residents of the area I live in. I have a huge back lawn which can easily accommodate over 100 people at a time. I have been touch with a media company as it is also my line of business, I usually take their professional expertise to arrange and set up projector and screen for the movie to be played. All the sound system and atmosphere is created by them. I on the other hand arrange for seats and take care of the snack and drinks to be served.

Since the movie is of modern times, I make sure that it is a family movie and everyone can sit and watch together. Participation of children along the parents is what I see as must. The children are the building units of our society and they need to be taught about the problems of the society and the idea behind fundraising for a cause. For the presence of children I usually go for a science fiction movie. A science fiction movie always give us a brilliant idea about the technology and if a parent guides a kid wisely, it also gives one an idea about sticking together and helping each other to survive. I would not only recommend but also advocate for the need of charity work with involvement of members of society in any way possible.

Andrew Patrick is a professional informative writer. He writes about fundraising online and themed parties for such events.


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