BioAntler, the Only Deer Antler Spray You Will Ever Need to Experience Stupendous Gains Regardless of your Body type

If you envy Arnold Schwarzenegger and hope to develop a similar body, you will dive into the world of body building, lifting weights and following a diet plan. Wait. Before you proceed, you must know about your body type and this is relatively easy. Body types are classified into three broad categories. At one end is the ectomorph characterized by a delicate, thin, tall build. He will find it difficult to build muscle mass despite heavy workouts and diets. The endomorph is at the other end, with a soft, rotund body and underdeveloped muscles. Losing weight is a problem for this type but he can easily build muscle mass with some effort. The mesomorph is naturally blessed with muscles and the ideal body structure and finds it easy to “grow” muscles with least effort with revolutionary natural product deer antler velvet.

The mesomorph may not need to take any diet supplements to increase bulk. The ectomorphs and endomorphs of this world do. Supplements that increase metabolism or deliver high protein content are of little use if your body is not geared to convert the nutrition to physical mass. This is where the importance of insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) hormone comes into play. One of the best sources of IGF-1 is deer antler velvet. You may ask why not testosterone or other steroids? If you look around you will learn that these may promote muscle mass growth but, at the same time, have adverse long-term side effects. IGF-1, being a natural growth hormone, poses no such risks. Deer antler velvet contains the highest amount of IGF-1, about 200,000 nanograms. 

One of the best brands out there is BioAntler offering genuine deer antler velvet in the form of a spray supplement. The method of administration of deer antler velvet spray is rather novel. You do not gulp a pill. You spray it inside your mouth where it is absorbed by the mucosa, transferring IGF-1 directly to the blood stream. IGF-1 is a precursor to the human growth hormone usually produced in the Liver. However, as you grow, amount of HGH decreases and try hard as you may, putting on muscle mass becomes a mammoth task, especially for the ectomorphs and endomorphs of this world. With just one sub-lingual administration of bioantler deer antler velvet spray, you receive about 2000 nanograms of IGF-1 that then signals the body to rush amino acids (the basic cell building blocks) and glucose to muscles and stimulate muscle DNA. Apart from helping you build muscle mass, IGF-1 from antler spray also keeps you energetic and improves performance. If recovering from an injury, IGF-1 found in deer antler spray speeds up the process and helps you get back on track in record time. Free of steroids, deer antler velvet Bioantler is safe and the best natural way to improve performance, speed up recovery and gain muscle mass while burning excess fat. A six month supply of this one and only Bioantler costs only $ 200 and gives you immeasurable value for money.


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