How To Celebrate The First Birthday Of Your Kid

Although it is true that your baby will never remember his or her first birthday party yet it is quite an achievement and you should celebrate in most entertaining and unforgettable manner possible. In fact, it is a chance to celebrate the completion of first year of baby’s life with friends and family in addition with gift opening and cake smashing photos opps that make the party even more exciting.
So, if you are looking to find a unique way to enjoy the memorable event, following creative first birthday party themes will definitely help you.

Airplane-Themed Birthday:
This themed part is actually full of charming little details that can make the event extremely enjoyable for little guests. It may include the “passport photos” for the kids, goodie suitcases on a “baggage claim” table and a pin the propeller on the airplane game.

P is for Personalized:
This flash card, alphabets and canvas prints birthday party is a spectacular and personalized way to celebrate the first big party of baby’s life. You can get the photo of the baby printed on any of these things and preserve it to show it your kid when he grows old.

World Traveler:
Instead of using typical decor for the birthday parties, you can adorn the room with maps of the world, vintage luggage and globs to add a twist to the more common “Oh the Places You Will Visit” theme.

Tea Party First Birthday:
If your little one is a girl, it is a great idea to throw a charming little tea party at her first birthday. In fact, it is a fine way to welcome your little sweetie into the wonderful and imaginative state of toddlerhood.

A Lemonade Stand:
Although your child will not remember anything from this party, it is your duty to do your best to celebrate the event in style. In this regard, a handmade lemonade stand and plenty of color decorations mostly in pink and yellow (including lemons) will make the party little more creative and of course memorable.

One Year Old in a Flash:
This is yet another creative birthday theme that tends to captures baby’s first year journey in pictures and snapshots. You can accentuate the ambiance with complete mini photo sessions and if you want to be more creative, go for a time capsule. You can also convert important milestones achieved by baby during the first year to glass prints to immortalize these happy moments for decades to come.

The first birthday of the baby is really an important event in the life of not only the child but for parents as well and therefore, should be celebrated accordingly. In this regard, above mentioned first birthday ideas will definitely help the parents. 

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