Anticipation Runs High Pending the New Xbox One Launch

The Xbox one is all set to be available starting 22nd November for around $ 500. Given the hype surrounding the new features, anticipation runs high and 22nd November seems a long time to wait for American, Australian, South American and European aficionados. The eagerly awaited new Xbox one games further add to the anticipation and if the Xbox one specs are anything to go by, a superior experience is in store for gamers. It is available for pre-order in the USA.

The Xbox one goes beyond simple gaming, becoming the center of living room activities integrating as it does games with internet, movies and TV into a single console. It includes Kinect 2 that will raise xbox one games experience to grater levels and enhance functionalists of the Xbox one controller, allowing as it does gesture and voice based commands through the user interface. You can switch it on with a voice command. Kinect 2 in the Xbox one integrates a 1080p 30 fps camera embedded with time of flight technology and microphone arrays, with greater sensitivity to slightest motions and fast response. Your gaming identity on the xbox 360 can be carried over to the xbox one, adding another dimension to xbox one games.
Cloud integration is yet another new feature to the xbox one games. The Xbox one controller is almost similar to the xbox 360 controller with placement of the A, B, Y and X buttons, Dpad and analogue stick. In addition there are two buttons in the centre. While internet connection is required, it is not absolutely necessary as users can always watch Blu-ray movies, live TV and play xbox one games. You do need to install games though. You only need to be online when you first set up the device. When you play games, the remote play feature allows a player connected with you online to access your controls. You can just as easily play games installed on your Xbox from any other console since a copy is stored in the cloud. Xbox one games make life easier letting you play while download is in progress. You can use Xbox one discs, xbox one used games and online downloads to play but you cannot use older xbox 360 discs, downloads and previous xbox discs. While the limitation applies to games, it is more relaxed in case of video streaming services, almost all of which, even those you purchased through the old xbox 360, remaining accessible in the new device with its unique xbox one controller. The Xbox one is also good for Facebook, Skype, browsing using internet explorer and xbox live access.

The new device shines when it comes to using the xbox one controller and the well integrated Kinect system. It is possible to simultaneously browse the net while you watch a movie or use Skype or play a game, with the new Snap feature. Kinect features can also be employed to control and make TV selection, a boon for couch potatoes. With these features and onboard storage capacity, it is worth spending the extra money on the new Xbox One.


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