5 key causes of excessive perspiration

Hyperhidrosis is a medical terminology for the ailment called excessive sweating. It is basically a condition, which is characterized by the abnormally increased perspiration or sweating in excess amount than the required quantity for body temperature control. There are many people in the United States and other nations who suffer from this problem. At times, the profuse sweating can be called as natural, which doesn’t suggest any underlying issue. However, in some cases this medical condition of Hyperhidrosis is behind the scene. Though the exact cause to these conditions is still unknown, however, some of the common causes, which are believed behind this particular condition, are given before. Let’s check them out:

1). Physical Ailments: There are several medical conditions, which cause excess sweating. For instance, it can be the symptoms of lung/heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s diseases and even deadly problems like cancer. At times, the excessive sweating can accompany serious kind of infection including TB. If you realize that your sweating is abnormal and has occurred not because of some emotional or climate upheaval, it is always a good idea to see a doctor. The doctor can help you in finding out the underlying condition and treat the same on time.

2). Hormonal changes: The other cause to the abnormal sweating problem can be the hormonal changes. For instance, women do encounter certain hormonal fluctuations owing to the menopause and are seen with hot flashes, which come up due to excessive sweating and flushed skin. The pregnancy phase also witnesses a couple of hormonal fluctuations and can add extra sweat. Apart from the hormonal changes, which are very much common during pregnancy the extra amount of weight gain and accelerated blood flow can lead to this ailment as well. If you encounter this issue owing to the hormonal changes, you can think of wearing cooler clothes and keep the AC on and at the same time consume as much cool water as you can. During the menopause, you can opt for hormone therapy or antidepressants.

3). Obesity: The overweight can certainly bring this problem of excess sweating. Having an obese body simply can cause your body to work harder for certain normal functions and processes. If this is a cause behind this problem, you can certainly think of joining a good exercise program backed by some healthy diet, which can help in getting rid of the extra flesh over your body. In the meantime, you can think of trying out the cooling dresses as excessive perspiration can be an embarrassing issue.

4). Medications:  There are several medications (including the ones prescribed for perspiration) can bring in this problem of excessive sweating. In order to find out whether these side effects are due to the prescribed medications, the doctors are the best people to find out this. The doctors can then change the medications and you get rid of the same.

5). Emotional conditions: At times, you may find the excessive sweating issue due to the symptoms of some mental health conditions. These could however be sorted out with proper medications as they erupt due to any emotional turmoil like depression, and anxiety.


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