Tofino, the Great Outdoors Beckons

Tofino is a paradise for vacationers with so much to do outdoors that you will hardly have time to enjoy the luxurious amenities of your Dune rest places near Chesterman Beach, other than dine, have a hot tub bath and sleep after a gloriously exhausting day. The weather in Tofino is lovely. Winters are mild so you need not worry about spending time at the Chesterman Beach or other beaches nearby. Summers are not too extreme to scorch the skin. Pick a nice cottage style accommodation for vacation rentals and prepare for some serious fun. Here is all that you can do while you are at Tofino.

If you love beaches, book into a vacation rental home near Chesterman beach. This becomes your jumping off point to the Tonquin Park Beach with an old forest serving as the backdrop, a scene of unparalleled beauty. If you want privacy, head for the Middle beach whereas the Mackenzie Beach is perfect to go snorkeling or skimboarding, offering calm, protected waters even in winter. The closest point is of course Chesterman Beach, two minutes from your vacation rental cottage. It is the favorite of vacationers, letting you go walking, surfing or bike riding. Your kids will love the marine life to be found in shallow ditches and if you dare, you can go along the tombolo, an extension of the beach connecting it to an island. Nature lovers love Sunset Point at Cox Bay where you can climb the rocks to have a lovely view of the Sun dipping into the ocean. The favorite is Long Beach, the pick of surfers but it can be crowded so you may want to heat to radar Beach where the surf breaks fiercely on the rocks in a never ending crescendo of sound. For a picnic head to the Half Moon Bay!

One day is not enough for time at the Chesterman Beach and other beaches. Similarly you will need to have ample time to go hiking along Tonquin Park trail, the Tofino Lighthouse trail and the Spruce Fringe trail where you walk underneath stately spruce. After a day, return to your Dune vacation rental home and wash away the tiredness in a hot tub. Next day, be up early for a hike along the Schooner cove trail that takes you to the ancient village of Esowista or go explore the Rainforest trail leading you through magnificent cedars and western hemlocks overhung with moss while birds chirp and springs gurgle.
This is perhaps nature at its many-splendoured best. There are other trails such as the Half Moon Bay trail, the Wiillobrae trail and Wild Pacific trail. These are located near the vacation rental home and Chesterman Beach. Do not miss Meares Island Beach with its unique 1500 years old Hanging Garden tree that is over 60 feet in circumference.

There’s more you can do such as go skim boarding, snorkeling at Chesterman Beach, soaking in the hot springs or just laze on the beach, admiring the beauties of nature. You just will not be able to get enough of it during your short stay. You must come back.


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