Top 4 Things You Should Do Before Moving into a New Apartment

Moving into a new house is a challenging process and requires considerable time and planning. In order to ensure that this haven is secure and hygienic for you, it is a must that you carry out certain tasks before moving in.
Here is a list of four things that you must do before moving into a new apartment.

1. Change the Locks
The most important thing you can do is to change the locks. Most security experts agree that you cannot rely on your landlord's and the previous tenants word that all the keys have been turned in, especially as it takes no time to get a copy of a key made. Old housekeepers, resident's and even friends of the previous renter might have keys to your home leaving your feeling insecure. If you want to make your new apartment secure you must replace all the locks with new ones. Ask the landlord about the rules and regulations pertaining to replacement of locks, but make this a top priority when moving in.

If your home has a garage door which opens with a remote, you need to reprogram it as well. If you are inheriting an older security system, make sure to change all the codes prior to moving in.

2. Pest Extermination
Before you move into the new house you must ensure that the apartment is not infected by bugs or termite. Pests and rodents can create allergy problems as well as spread disease. Furthermore, air duct vents can also be inhabited by termites that can also cause a problem in proper functioning of the equipment and destroy your clothes and wooden furniture should they get access to the house. It is recommended that you call an exterminator or an expert before you move in so any fumigation can be done before the moving day. 

3. Cleaning Up
Before actually moving in the apartment you must get it properly cleaned. Clean any obvious stains or marks on walls with soap and water. If there is a carpet installed, look into having a professional cleaner come in an wash it for you. Wash the curtains (if they come with the place) as well. Get a new shower curtain and a toilet seat as well since these can get grimy fast. Clean all surfaces with the appropriate cleaning products. You can clean bathroom fittings that have hard water stains with vinegar as well.

4. Utilities and Mail
You also need to call up the utility company and the post office to inform them of the change in address so that all previous unpaid bills are forwarded to the new address. In case your apartment is not equipped with utility lines; you should also request the company to install them as soon as possible. You must also check in advance the internet and the cable connection offered in the area to ensure smooth transition from one place to another.

Taking all these steps can make it easy for you to settle in your new apartment comfortably.

Andrew has been blogging for over  4 years on home improvement and relocation. Having worked as an international removals consultant, Andrew has a broad experience, which he likes sharing with others.When he is not writing, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family.


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