How to Avoid a Removal Breakage

Removal losses are extremely common, though this is highly strange as the obvious question has to be where could it have gone? Another thing which is a highly common occurrence during a move, but can be avoided, is a removals breakage. A lot of removals companies will offer or advise comprehensive insurance so that you can afford to replace any item which is broken but having the cash to the value of that china vase will be little consolation given that it’s a family heirloom, for example.

Removals companies tend to be very sensitive to the importance of fragile possessions and they will offer a part packing or just a fragile packing service. Obviously, these guys are the professionals and they will have the expertise to ensure that there will be minimal damage in the move. It’s their job to move people safely and, as with many consumer services, a lot of their business will come from happy customers, recommendations and repeat customers so it is in their interest to give you a service you would be happy to use again. Therefore, the best way to avoid a removals breakage is probably to leave it to them.

However, if you do choose to pack your breakable items then take great care. You can save on investing in packing materials by using the materials you already have in your home. For example, tea towels and bed linen, even just normal clothes, can pad your items.

It isn’t just your fragile possessions that you need to think about breaking. If you do opt for the part packing service and the removals team pack up the obviously precious possessions then there are still breakables which are your responsibility. Kitchen crockery is the obvious one here. Even mugs, which may seem reliable and sturdy compared to tea cups are breakable. Basically, anything which has extra bits or parts which could snap off is a breakable item, even if the basic material isn’t breakable. Children’s toys are often very breakable, especially the ones for slightly older children which would be deemed choking hazards due to small parts if the child was younger. Don’t just look at the obvious items which may be breakable. Try to wrap everything you pack. It is only really the items which are equally sized, like books, or light and flexible items like cushions or cuddly toys which can just go straight into the boxes with no padding or extra protection.

It is also worth considering the route that your van or lorry will be taking. If you are moving to a remote location with winding roads access or roads and lanes which aren’t level then the possessions will be more unstable in the van and may require extra care when packing the van.
Another thing which will protect your possessions is the way that the van is packed. Unless you are moving without a Brompton removals team, this will probably not be your concern. However, if it is your concern then you need to strike a careful balance between packing the vehicle tightly enough to prevent things from falling or shaking around and also not packing it so tightly that you can’t get things out at the other end.

A lot of these pointers may not be necessary if the removals team are experienced and professional enough, which they should be. Just make sure that the expensive W11 process of moving doesn’t cost you anything extra unnecessarily.


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  3. Another way to avoide breakage is to rent plastic moving boxes. Its cheaper and safer than any cardboard box could hope to be.