The Benefits Of Keeping A Dream Journal By Your Bed

Lucid dreaming is a wonderful new area of new age traditions and psychology that aims to decipher and control one's dreams. Information on lucid dreaming is now available pretty much everywhere, whether in a small booklet printing or a truly academic work. One of the most important aspects of lucid dreaming, is, of course, analyzing one's dreams. This cannot be achieved if one cannot remember

Holding on to the memory of one's dreams is one of the most important parts of analyzing dreams and
even directing one's dreams. This is why so many dream analysts advise interested parties to keep a dream journal. One of the best ways to gather the most information about your dreams is to keep a notebook or journal of some sort, and a writing utensil, as near to your bed as possible. This way, as soon as you wake up, you can begin to jot down the details of your dreams.

Even the tiniest detail can have meaning. As soon as you are awake enough to do so, grab the journal and start writing down whatever you remember. Spelling, punctuation, complete sentences, do not matter. The idea is to get down as many of the details of one's dream as possible before they get “lost.”

Dates and Times
There can be patterns and themes in dreams. This is why many dream analysts recommend that you also note the date and times in which dreams are had. One can glean a lot of details about their dreams based on this information.

Draw What You Saw
If you cannot find the words, or an image appeared in your dreams that you feel is significant, it is important to take that down as well. Sometimes, we have an easier time with visual representation than describing something in words. In this case, simply try to draw or sketch out what you see in your mind. You do not have to be an artist for this to be a helpful way of remembering and anchoring key dream elements in your memory.

By keeping a dream journal close to your bed, you will be able to more easily remember larger portions
or key themes in your dreams. One can easily wake up, roll over, and jot down any details they can remember from their dream. Having a long-standing journal with various elements of dreams is how one can begin to truly gain control of and enjoy the varied benefits of lucid dreaming.


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