Handling Your Mops

If you want to properly clean your floors you need two tools in a great condition-your broom and your mop. Sweeping and mopping is essential for every home since there is no way for you to prevent filth being accumulated on your floor. The broom is not difficult to handle, you just have to be careful not to break it. The mop on the other hand requires a lot more attention and responsibility especially in terms of its usage. You need to know exactly how to use, treat and work with the mop otherwise your floors will remain filthy and the proper clean outlook will never be achieved. This article will explain to you all the important things about mopping.

Before you even start cleaning you have to get several things done. First of all you will need to clean properly the entire mop because it might have been left unclean from the last time you have been mopping. Usually most people leave the mop in the closet after the last sweep and they don’t bother to clean it so just to be sure, clean it thoroughly. The best way to clean anything as well as the mop from any sort of filth is with boiling water. You might get burn but if you are careful it will be worth it. A great idea is to use hot water for the mopping as well since you will manage to clean the floor as well and if you add a good detergent with a specific aroma inside the water you will spread the lovely smell all over the floor that you are cleaning. The idea of cleaning the mop every time is not simply to remove the filth stained on it but also to let go of the past cleaning products that have remained on it.

Then you are ready to start the process of mopping itself. What you need to remember is that there is no need for you to go every time to the sink and clean thoroughly the mop. What you need is to have two separate containers one of which is filled with the cleaning substance plus the water and the other one-empty so that you can store the dirtied substance from the mop inside. Remember that you can never fully remove the filthy substance but it is essential to squeeze the mop every time for as long as it takes so that it feels dry-this way the filthy substances remain only in great depth in the mop itself and thus they can’t stain the floor again especially after the mop absorbs the cleaning substance again on its surface. Another useful advice is to never leave the mop for a long time, hours for instance in the filthy water or even in the clean one because some bacteria might appear and you will contaminate whatever surface you are cleaning the next time you clean it with the same mop. Those bacteria’s effect won’t be immediate but if you tend to do this often or if you use water that is too contaminated you might cause some damage on   your floor especially if it is wooden. It is also a good idea for you to switch the handles of your mops from time to time. The same actually goes for brooms. Those handles are constantly put under pressure and if they break in the case of the mop you could spill the entire basin on the floor and then you will have real problems.


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