DIY: Creating Your Dream Closet

If you're like a lot of homeowners, you're probably not happy with the default closet in your home. It's too small, crowded and inaccessible for your clothing and needs. Thankfully, planning and implementing your own dream closet is simple and easy. With just a few simple steps and materials you can build the closet of your dreams for a relatively small amount of money. Why hire professionals who will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars when you know exactly what you want already? Here are a few things you should consider before you get started.

Take a Closet Inventory
The first step to creating your dream closet is to figure out exactly what you've got. This will help you discover how much of everything you have so you can give each type of item the appropriate amount of space. If you have a lot of shoes, you may want to install shallow shelving along the walls to help highlight your shoe collection. If you have a lot of seasonal tops, you may want to create sections of hanging rods that make it easy to separate styles and warmth.

Maximize Space
Your closet is valuable real estate, so you will want to maximize every square inch of space as possible. This requires you to think in all three dimensions. Cabinetry should utilize every vertical inch possible, but they should only be as deep as they need to be to store your specific items; you're going to want as much walking space as possible. Pullout rods are great for storing lots of hanging clothes that can be accessed quickly and easily. Think of it as a drawer for your tops that won't get everything wrinkled.
Corners are great spaces for carousels or custom hanging rods that can be rotated.

Perception and Comfort
One of the things many people forget about their closet is the importance of lighting. Being able to see your wardrobe clearly affects your choices every day. LED lights are small and don't produce a lot of heat. They can be installed liberally in places where incandescent and fluorescent lights can't. A well lit closet will also enhance your mood in the mornings when you need it most. Mirrors have a great effect on small closets. They give the perception of a much larger and open space than is actually there. Both mirrors and LEDs are things you can easily install yourself.

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