Moving back in with Mum and Dad

In today’s uncertain financial climate and even more uncertain employment market, the reality is that an increasing number of graduates are having to move back home when they graduate and either look for work near home or work from home. Moving back in with your parents can feel like a massive step back after the supposed independence of three years at uni but it doesn’t have to be. Some people who are forced to move back home aren’t recent graduates but working professionals who’ve fallen on hard times. Therefore, if you’re in the position of moving back home then you are most certainly not alone.

Rent: If you’re in absolutely no position to offer it then don’t and I’m sure your parents will understand but if at all possible maintain some independence and help out by paying a reduced rent rate. It will make it easier for your parents to keep up with bills and the weekly food shop and it will help you maintain some independence. You aren’t living there for nothing and you aren’t as subject to all their rules, conditions and curfews because you’re a paying tenant.

Duplicates: Depending how long you’re planning on staying at your parent’s house then it might be worth considering selling some of the stuff you have that your parents definitely have and you don’t need multiples of. If it’s definitely a brief stay and you will soon be striking out alone then put your stuff in storage. You could do a good deed and give those kitchen utensils and that second bedside table to charity or start earning from home by selling it off on ebay – this is not guaranteed to actually earn you anything.
Furniture: On the other hand, you might find that you don’t actually have everything you need at home. If you feel that it’s finally time for you to graduate to a double bed from the single of your childhood, for example, then first get rid of you single and make sure that you have the space for a double or whatever new furniture you are certain you need. When you’re certain you can make it work then shop around. Don’t settle or buy new because you think there’s no other way to go.
Places like free cycle might offer you a bed for nothing if you can go and collect it and if people are really desperate to get rid of things then they may well sell for next to nothing online. However, in almost the same breath, be aware of cons and parting with money for nothing. While there isn’t a sure fire test of honesty, be vigilant and trust your instincts.

Be Grateful: However much you now need and want your own life and however important it is to you that you feel like a lodger in your parents home, remember that they didn’t necessarily have to take you back. Be respectful of this home just as you would respect your own home, hopefully, and - without trying to sound too much like a patronizing pensioner – say thank you once in a while.

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