What Is The Key To Finding Employment Within The Construction Industry

In almost any work environment, from a luxurious office space to a bustling industrial plant, accidents can and do happen. While safer equipment and gear are being developed and released to minimize work risks and hazards, safety training answers the need to establish a culture that makes work safety the responsibility of all stakeholders, from the owner and his employees down to the community where a business operates.

In Australia, before one can find gainful employment in the construction sector, one needs to secure a White Card (which was formerly called a Blue Card). It does not matter whether you are a worker, supervisor or project manager; if you do not have a White Card, no construction firm will give you a job for fear of paying a hefty fine.

This safety training covers a wide range of topics including the explanation of Occupational Health and Safety Legislative Requirements as well as the important terms to remember, Duty of Care Requirements, the responsibilities of each worker in terms of Safe Work Practices, the basic Principles of Risk Management, Reporting of Risks, Hazards, Incidents and Injuries and Safety Signs and Symbols.

Luckily, getting a White Card is not that difficult with numerous training providers available. In addition to this, if you are serious about getting this training, you can do this either online or offline, depending on your circumstances and preferences. The advantage of studying in a conventional setting is you can learn along with other people and you can immediately ask your instructor any questions you need clarification with. On the other hand, taking the course online means you can study at your own pace, at home or in any other place where you have a computer and Internet access. In addition to this, you can study anytime you wish — like before heading off to your current job, for example, or once you arrive back home.

White Cards obtained through brick-and-mortar establishments are accepted across all Australian territories. Confusion often arises when a White Card is obtained online. According to the Mutual Recognition of Principles, cards obtained in any state in the country should be recognized. However, some site managers in South Australia refuse to recognize cards obtained online. This is due to Work Safe SA's stance that it is up to the site manager's judgment whether to accept a card issued by any jurisdiction. Elsewhere, a White Card, whether obtained offline or online, is accepted without prejudice.

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