Easy Tips For Doing Printed Tote Bags And Other Promotional Products

Branded loyalty can be tricky to achieve, particularly in a highly competitive market. Big businesses accomplish it by rolling out expensive marketing campaigns while small businesses rely on targeted advertising in new media. But there is one approach that seems to work for all businesses — big and small — and the best part about it is that it is quite affordable. And that approach entails using branded merchandise such as printed tote bags, compendiums, stubby holders, and other items given to consumers and business partners.

According to the Australasian Promotional Product Association (APPA), promotional products offer accountable, measurable advertising, and that research points to 76 percent of consumers being able to recall the name advertised on the promotional item, 52 percent of people engaged in business with a company after getting a branded product, and 91 percent of people that have at least one promotional product in their kitchens. If you are looking to achieve this sort of reach and recall for your business, consider the following easy tips for ensuring your promotional products deliver favourable results.

Go with an ideal design that works with your market segment. Naturally, the goal for your promotional items is for them to be used by your recipients. So you need to consider the perfect design that will work for their lifestyle. For instance, your business may be marketing to teenagers and while totes with long handles are all the rage with most businesses, a younger market may prefer a satchel or a backpack.

Think about how your recipients might use your promotional item. From the materials to the sizes, your promotional items should correspond to how your recipient might use it. If you intend to give conference compendiums away, consider whether your recipient might need to take one while travelling; in which case, go with a water-proof, durable compendium instead of a fancy, leather-bound one.

Keep your promotional item relevant by going with trends. A lot of promotional products these days are manufactured using eco-friendly materials. With more and more consumers becoming aware of environmental initiatives, you could increase the reach and recall of your branded promotional item by choosing recycled materials. You could go for biodegradable (i.e., made from lobster shells, which dissolves in water and can act as a fertilizer) or fully recyclable printed golf balls and give them away to corporate clients who are pushing for environmental campaigns.

Make your brand prominent. There is no point in giving away branded totes, compendiums, or golf balls if your business’s name, logo, and colours are not prominent. So make sure your promotional items represent your brand properly and that consumers won’t have to strain to see your business’s name on the merchandise.

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