Tired of cleaning the surround? Here are few tips to attain the perfect shine

There is a saying that “cleanliness is next to god”.  Clean and dust free surround is very essential for healthy living but cleaning is a very time consuming job, mainly if the person doesn’t really know how to clean the surround such as cloths, windows, toilets and the bathroom. So if there are too many windows in your home then your one complete day needs to be dedicated for cleaning them.

Cloths cleaning:
Cleaning the dirty cloths requires only water, a good quality washing soap and then after washing the cloths spread them on the clothesline out in the sun to dry the clothes but this process takes lot of time and energy if there are heap of cloths to be washed. Today there are washing machines and good quality detergents available that remove the stains and make the cloths stain free and smell really nice.

Window cleaning:
Windows are essential for a house as they give access to the sunlight, they allow air to come in and out, if the outside view is good then the window provides you with a good view through the window but when these window glasses or the window panels are filled with dirt and dust at those moment of time they block the view and also the overall look of the home is stained.
Window cleaning is a tough job which requires much of your time and effort. With the help of right equipments and skills, the window cleaning work can be done faster with good result.

- Ingredients required to clean the window is warm water, little detergent of your choice and a clean sponge.

- First gather all the equipments needed for the work then take out windscreen if any that is hanging in front of the window.

- Then remove any excess dust or dirt which is there on the window panel using any old cloth or broom. Next clean the window with a clean sponge soaked in water.

- Later soak the sponge in water and start cleaning the window.

- Begin cleaning the window panel from the upper left side using the soaked sponge and move to the bottom end of the window downwards and repeat the cleaning process until the window is completely cleaned.

- After each stroke on the window do not fail to remember to dry the sponge or else the window will have streaks on it.

Even after hours of time spent on cleaning the window still the results won’t be that perfect as that of a showroom shine. So to get that perfect shine of a showroom it is good to hire a professional who know this job.

Bathroom cleaning:
Bathroom is a private place where we freshness ourselves so it should also be clean and tidy. So bathroom should be cleaned once in a week and if the family is big then should be cleaned regularly as it will be heavily used. Usually most of the bathrooms are built with materials that can be cleaned easily. If proper care is taken to clean the bath tub and shower area regularly with good quality cleaners then it will be clean and tidy always.

 Toilet cleaning: Before using any cleaning agents it is a good practice to read the instructions given on the product label and always be cautious not to blend products that include chlorine bleach along with ammonia based product.  While using the cleaners to clean the bathroom and toilet always wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals that might harm the skin and also take care to clean the cleaner remains from the toilet.

Julie Angelica is an enthusiast writer with specific interest in Eco-friendly products and Chemical Free Cleaning information.  She frequently writes on best  All-Around Microfiber Cleaning Cloths to save your money and time cleaning.


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