5 Tips To Keep An Office Clean

When trying to run a business from an office, it's important to find ways of keeping it clean as it can increase productivity.
Whether you're trying to find documents faster or make a good impression on clients, a clean office can impact on your business.
There are 5 simple tips to keep your office clean which won't cost a single penny and will take a small amount of time to complete.
1. Tidy As You Go:
I know, this is fairly obvious but you'll be surprised how few companies we deal with actually tidy as they go. It's easy to leave a little mess and think "I'll get it later" and then forget about it. A simple change of attitude towards mess could play a huge role in keeping your office clean.
2. Organization:
Designate a place for everything, such as folders for papers, filling cabinets and shelves. By have a little organization it will keep your office less cluttered and you'll save time looking for documents or other items.
3. Weekly Clean:
Wash and clean washrooms, desks, carpets, worktops and more just once a week and you'll notice an immediate difference. You don't need a cleaner, just an hour with a hover and some cleaning products. Also remember to get in behind office furniture where dirty and dust can collect.
4. Eating At Desk:
One of the most common reasons for a dirty office is people eating at their desk. Some food is worse than others but a blanket rule of no eating at the desk would save any mess.
5. Office Layout:
Ask yourselves if the layout of your office is conducive to keeping it clean and tidy. In one case when found a client had a coffee maker on a shelf which dripped, leaving stains on the self. Try keep as much space open as possible because not only will the office be less cluttered, but you will also see dirt and mess easier.

Before you're 100% happy with how clean your office is, imagine yourselves as one of your clients and ask yourself what impression the office gives.
Is the office light, well aired and clean, would you like to work in the same environment and does it say this is a company which take pride in it's appearance?
However once you are happy keep to the same schedule which got it that clean, it's too easy to allow standards to slip.


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