Stump Grinding —Landscapers State Reasons Why It’s Important For Yard Safety

The “left-over” of a tree that you’ve cut is harmless, right? Wrong. There are so many ways you can hurt yourself because of it, especially if your lawn’s not properly maintained and the height of the stump is concealed by the height of the surrounding grass and weeds. Another issue about tripping over it is that because of the spread of the roots underground, it’s hard to find level ground right away that can help you regain your balance. So even if the tree’s been cut to the ground, there’s still that unevenness under the soil created by the downward-outward growth of the roots.
 Another hazard of improper tree stump removal, Perth landscapers add, is how the protruding part can easily damage whatever’s placed on top of it. Tree stumps are partly to blame for ruined inflatable pools. As the weight of the water continues to press on that tiny uneven portion of the ground, the thin rubber mat of the pool slowly gets scraped every time there’s a shifting of the volume of the water, the material stretches and thins, and eventually it tears.

It’s important to mention as well that stumps can attract wood-eating critters; ants, termites, certain beetles, wasps and worms are easily attracted to tree stumps especially if the cut was recent as there’s still juices on the surface. With these creepy crawlers, critters, and fliers just several metres from your home, it won’t be long before they start finding their way to the wood fixtures in your patio and the structure of your house. Also, some of these creatures attack. Wasps are known to attack at the slightest disturbance, and if you have lively, gregarious children, they’re in danger of getting bitten or stung. Think about happy neighbors walking past your yard as well; they can become easy targets for the insects that have made the stump their home. If you wish to prevent anybody from getting bitten or stung, stump removal Perth landscapers recommend is the best way to do so.

 Lastly, stumps can encourage the growth of wild fungi which are at times poisonous, unpleasant to the eye, and can attract insects, or a combination of the three. If you want a nice-looking lawn, the stump, which is already an eyesore on its own, can become an even bigger one.

There are several methods of removing stumps but stump grinding, Perth landscapers claim, is the safest and most effective because it will turn the stump into dust. It doesn’t take long to finish the job and once the specialists are done, the ground will be completely levelled — no more tripping hazards and no more attractive places for harmful insects to move into. 

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate "handyman". Though he prefers doing things on his own, he realizes the importance of contacting the experts in tree stump removal.


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