Experts Cite Six Advantages Of Hiring A Private Tutor For Your Child

Another D! Your child shamefully shows you another one of his quizzes and you’re surprised to find another dismal grade for a subject that he used to be so good at.  You know very well that he’s not stupid — he can’t be, especially with all the creative excuses he manages to think up whenever he’s about to get scolded — but why does he continue to get terrible grades in school?  He doesn’t miss classes, he has all his books…but why a D again? You son tells you that a D is better than an F because that would be an absolute fail; you look at him and think that he’s actually too smart for his own good.

Well, there are numerous reasons why he’s not doing as well as you want him to in school.  Firstly, he may not be applying himself enough, but one thing you always have to remind yourself is that he’s not stupid and that all he really needs is proper guidance. Unfortunately, though, you cannot be that for him because aside from your busy schedule, you fear that your knowledge of the lessons currently taught in school is already obsolete. The best solution you have is to hire a private tutor. Tutorial services have experienced tutors on staff who are not only great repositories of knowledge but are equipped with the right “teaching” techniques that will effectively engage your child in studying. Apart from the aforementioned advantages provided by these professionals, listed below are six more.

1.      Completely focused learning – With private tutors, the main focus is your son’s learning; he doesn’t have to deal with other distractions such as the performance of his classmates or the pace by which lessons have to be taught by the teacher and learned by the students. There’s less pressure.

2.      Proper encouragement – In a classroom, teachers do not get to recognise the good work of all the students. In a more intimate setting, as with a private tutor, your child will be guided and encouraged adequately to help him do the best that he can. He’ll gain the confidence he needs to tackle more complicated concepts and believe that he can learn them.

3.      Fun studying – Private tutors always strive to understand the learning style and attitude of their tutees so you can be sure that the one you hire for your child will explore various teaching methods to make studying more enjoyable, engaging and effective.

4.      A more relaxed set-up – Children feel more open to expressing their issues when they’re not in the company of their peers. With a private tutor, your child can easily ask questions and express his concerns regarding the lessons, knowing that he will not be judged.

5.      Help with homework – Tutors do not provide the answers; rather, they help their tutees arrive at the answers.

6.      Extensive lesson coverage –This is possible with better flexi-time and alternative explanations regarding certain concepts. A tutor even goes as far as getting in touch with the teachers of the tutee to better understand how the lessons are being presented in the classroom.

 About the author: Calvin John Mcphee is an educational consultant and a part-time writer. He specializes in teaching children with emotional difficulties and those with learning disabilities. He reads many books relating to education and even visits sites like to supplement his current knowledge. He shares what he learned through writing and sharing articles.


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