Looking For New Home Ideas

When looking for new home ideas in Pensacola, FL, there is a wide array of color options and styles to dress up your home and make it a colorful oasis. On a normal rainy day, your home will be a pleasant escape from the outside mood of your home and will allow you to dream of sunnier days ahead.

When looking for colorful paint shades, go for brighter and bolder colors for smaller rooms in the home. You can make a small bathroom brighter by opting for mustard, turquoise, jewel, or salmon paint. The brighter color will look less overwhelming in the smaller rooms than the living rooms or hallways. When painting your home's interior bedrooms or dining room, keep the colors all in the same color scheme so the house has a fluid tone and doesn't feel choppy. Go for tans and beiges in the larger rooms, but don't be afraid to spice it up with a soft orange in the kitchen to keep things interesting. You can be bold and expressive, but these choices should be balanced out with other rooms in the home that have more neutral shades.

Just as you would accessorize a trendy outfit you wear, you should do the same with your home. Don't just opt for old items that you've had for years, but be intentionally about what you place in each room. Beautiful art paintings should complement the paint of the wall it's hanging on and chunky, bold art pieces should sit on a stack of books on the coffee table or hold up a group of books on a case. Keep it all within the same theme, whether it's beach themed, festive, or vintage. Having interesting items that are unique will keep your home beautiful and trendy for a fresh look.

Area rugs are a must for your hardwood floors. They'll tie in the furniture in the room and can add an interesting pattern to the environment. To add color, choose a bright chevron rug in a room painted with neutral colors. If the room is already bright and bold, then tone it down with a taupe shag rug that sits comfortably under the couch and coffee table.
Choose wicker baskets to hold cozy blankets to dress up the room. You can place them next to furniture or in an empty corner. Placing wicker throughout the home in different rooms will help tie in the theme and keep it more casual.

If you want to dress up furniture you already on to make it more interesting, add casual throws on armrests that can be easy and accessible when you want to relax. When resting them on the furniture, try to make it look casual, but still neat.

For new home ideas found in Pensacola FL, look at the environment for inspiration and allow it to influence the colors and atmosphere in your home. When a rainy day comes, you'll still be able to enjoy the best of the beautiful nature outside and have a bit of a retreat. Be intentional with the decor of your home and allow it to casually match, without having it all look identical. With common themes, textures, and patterns that complement each other throughout your home, it'll be a beautiful and cozy place to reside for the day.


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