How to Make Your House Safer This Year

During the winter, people are home more and entertaining family and friends. This can lead to an increase in the possibility of potential accidents. Unfortunately, the cold season are known among emergency workers for more than just good cheer. Hospitals typically see an increase in patients during this time of year due to falls, fires and other accidents. Additionally, police often find that thefts and home burglaries increase during this time of the year, many of them are looking for those fun new gadgets you got for Christmas. This year, check out a few of the following ways you can keep your home and family safe.

Prevent Holiday Fires
Increased cooking, fireplaces and furnaces can all contribute to an increased risk of fire. To avoid having a fire in your home, make sure that all electrical appliances and furnaces are clean and in good condition. Be sure you also make sure you unplug appliances that are not being used to avoid a shortage. In the case of a fire, be sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy, and make sure that all guests know how to exit the home in an emergency.

Guard Against Theft
To guard against theft, avoid placing boxes outside that advertise expensive items and toys in your home. Additionally, be sure to install security camera systems throughout your home that can help to identify a potential thief in action. In many instances, the knowledge that a home is secured with a camera monitoring system is enough to stop a potential thief in their tracks.

Avoid Falls
Slips and falls are another common safety issue during this time of year. Wintry conditions, such as snow and ice, can make walkways and other outdoor paths slippery. Be sure to clear these paths and put down salt or sand to make these areas less slippery. Indoors, be sure to keep walkways clear so anyone with mobility problems will be able to maneuver easily through the household. If you will be having elderly guests, then be sure to include handrails and other accessibility accessories throughout the home to ensure the safety of your guests.

With a few simple precautions, every home can be safe throughout the year. By taking the time to guard against theft, fires and falls, a person can be sure that they will set up a home that will provide a happy and healthy year for everyone.

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