Five Things that Attract Pests to Your Home

San Francisco pest control experts are available to help homeowners to keep their houses free from indoor pests and vermin. No one wants to be infested with cockroaches and other insects or rodents of any kind because of the unpleasantness, filth and disease associated with these creatures. Besides the expert help, people can also take simple steps to make their premises less attractive and appealing to pests.
Dirty Dishes:
Yes, sometimes a pileup of dirty dishes is unavoidable. Still when creatures find a regular source of food because the dishes are left unwashed most of the time, they move in and plan to stay. Keeping the dishes wash prevents feeding extra hungry mouths that bring in illness and disease germs.

Food not Properly Stored:
 San Francisco pest control is aided by those residents that know how to properly store food so that vermin cannot enter and eat. Storing food properly requires containers in which mice and other pests cannot chew holes and access food. Many times sealing bags and boxes well to keep the smell of food away is sufficient, but storing in inaccessible containers is much better.

Crumbs and Other Food Particles: 
Of course, mouse-proof containers and clean dishes are almost wasted if crumbs and food particles are left scattered about the kitchen and eating areas. Any little crumbs that are allowed to frequently lie overnight attract hungry pests. Washing and as cleaning are powerful methods for making pests feel less welcome.

Leaking Faucets:
Keeping the house clean from food and using the services of reliable local San Francisco exterminators are excellent, but a leaking faucet or pipe still draws the roaches and other vermin. These pests love and need moist places and water sources.

Dark, Warm Spots:
Dark and warm spots like near the water heater are attractive to rodents, ants and roaches. Keeping these types of areas clean avoids an infestation of unwanted house guests. Additionally, residents can make sure that the local San Francisco exterminator has access to all such spots in the home for effective pest control treatments.

Home Free:
Having a home free of pests and vermin is cleaner and much more comfortable for people. The potential for the spread of diseases is greatly reduced as well. Residents feel free to invite guests and to relax and enjoy their home when they know they have done their best to keep away unwanted pests.

About the Author:
Madyson Grant enjoys spending time outdoors and with her family. She is currently blogging for a San Francisco exterminator and pest control company.


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