Moving and Cleaning at the Same Time – Can You Survive This

The moving process is accompanied by many other things that have to be done. If a person has delayed some actions, like cleaning the space under and behind the couches, behind the cupboards, wardrobes and any other furniture, that have not been moved from a long time.
Of course this is the last thing that one will like to do when there are so many other tasks that are waiting and taking so much time. However no one will leave the old place in such condition. No matter how you will rebel against the cleaning it would be done at the end.
The good part of the cleaning of the old place is that it does not need to be very detailed. A vacuum cleaner and a mob will do the job. The most important is to made good impression at first to the new owners. Remember that every lady of the house will does her own expert cleaning before moving in.
The last though is bringing us to the main topic of the article, which is the cleaning of the new place. No one will be ever satisfied from what the old owner has done with the preparation of the new house for the newcomers. That is why detailed cleaning is absolutely obligatory when moving in and putting in place the furniture in the house. Anyway even if the former owners of the place has managed well with the cleaning, with all the objects carried in and out, all the workers stepping inside with the shoes and bringing dirt from the outside, there is no way to avoid the cleaning. Everyone is aware of this, but after the moving people are so exhausted, that they are very willing to skip this part.
There are few steps in the cleaning of the new house, before moving in, which will make the process significantly easier and not so exhausting for everyone of the family. As the kitchen is known as the first room to be unpacked and put in order, it is consequently the first space to be cleaned. It is also the hardest one, because there are many appliances, which require strong detergents. Start with the stove, switch it one as it is sprayed with the detergent. This will make the dirt easier for cleaning. It is important to clean it from all sides, because old food, left on any of the appliances is something very bad and dangerous. Next clean the cupboards and the counters. They are a lot easier than the stove and will take less time and energy. The sink also needs good revision and careful cleaning, because this is the other place in the kitchen where food can be left and decaying.
As the kitchen appliances and cupboards are ready, next comes the walls in the house. They are easier to be cleaned, because many paints and wall-papers allow brushing with water and some soft detergents. Before this washing, vacuum the dust and the spider nets. If you miss this stage of the cleaning, the dust may be spread on the walls and if the walls are in light colors, the things may get very ugly.
The floors are the last to be done. If carpets are used, they are usually cleaned just before the moving. Then the floors just have to be done with the necessary detergent and a mob and then the carpets will be unfolded on them.
When you are not sure enough how well the carpets, you have found in the new house, were cleaned, clean them again or call professional cleaning company.


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