Moving to Asia - Basic Tips

Moving always needs good planning. The longer the things are organized, the better the result is at the end. When changing the country and in this case the continent, things get very difficult, they will also consume much time, finance and research.
Time is the most valuable thing. Moving to a new continent will acquire at least three months of preparation. The service that are used in the former home have to be cancelled on time in order not to be made to pay for something, that one was not using. It will also make the people moving more secure, because when there are devices working in an empty house, the risk from accidents increase significantly.
The health insurance is basic step. Many countries in Asia has high standard of life, close to the one in Europe and USA and even higher. Some though are not still taking good care about their own citizens, so the foreigners can not hope for better treatment.
Keeping that in mind is good idea to make good research and find good clinics and hospitals, also the legal ways to use the insurance system of the new country, because the access to it is not easy in each country. To solve this problem and to have good medical help in Asia is priceless. There are many websites, which provide very useful information. On request they will supply with the information about the fees and the best places to be visited for the foreigners living in the country you are going to move to. Back to the moving process like any other far destination moving to Asia will require the transportation of the belongings in container, which will be shipped.
Revising the things that will be packed and carried to the new home is essential. Remember only the most important things have to be taken. What can be bought there and is not so significant should stay on the old place.
 Insure the luggage at the departure. No matter how perfect it has been packed no one will give one hundred percent that the there will be nothing broken or lost. Long destinations always bring big risks with them.
When the luggage is finally arrived there is no other choice but to look for a local moving company to help with the last steps. There are some institutions that are independent and provide the necessary information for expatriates in each country in Asia with the necessary information. One regulatory body which can be used is the so-called FIDI. They will also advise you about anything that will accompany the moving process and the accommodation. Our advice is to cross-check the fees of at least five international moving companies in order to compare and choose the best for your needs.
Once the work is done, the every day life will take over. What is very important in Asia is to make contacts. Asian people are known to be very hospitable and willing to help. They also make very good friends.
Compared to the life in Europe and USA, the biggest advantage of most of the Asian countries is the cheap life. So even if you have no job guaranteed at the arrival, you can spend significant time living with the savings from the old place. Of course there are some exceptions like Singapore, where the standard is very high and job is needed to live there.
The language will be the hard part, but at the beginning you can always use English.
Renting is the most popular way of accommodation in Asia, where almost no one buys a house.


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