Moving Guide – Some usable moving tips.

 The first part of this guide is about what you should consider when you are packing for the move. The better you pack, the fewer things will break - including your back! Now, moving on from that introducing rhyme I will guide you through the packing process. Firstly, there are some basic things you should consider when you are packing for the move.
Pack the things from the same room or place in the same box and label it. This is especially true if you move to a bigger place like a house and do not want to run back and forth too much when you unpack different rooms. Wrap glass and fragile items in newspaper and put newspaper into the glasses too, it will make them less breakable. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things that just are gathering dust in the drawers. If you have not used it in over a year it might not be that useful after all. So start donating clothes and furniture to charities that can resell them or have a garage sell. Really try not to throw away things, even if it is hard and time consuming.

You can never use too few boxes. Gather as many as you can – there are places that rent out eco- friendly moving boxes as well – through friends or your local supermarket that will probably give them away for free. Never buy new ones; it is expensive and not very nice to the environment. The last thing you need is to use black garbage bags at the end of your packing since you don’t have enough boxes. And do not pack them too heavily. No one says that you cannot pack a box only with books, but don’t expect anyone to be able to lift it or the box to hold it. Pack smart; fill half the box with books and the other half with pillows. If it’s rainy or snowy outside you will have to be extra careful not to put down the carton boxes.

Now it is time for the actual moving. People often gather their friends and family when they are moving, especially when moving to a smaller place. If you are moving houses, it might be worth it to hire a moving company.

If you want to use your friends there are some things you should consider if you still want them to be your friends once the moving is over.

Get in touch with them on time, preferably several weeks before. That way they have time to plan. It also makes it much easier to ‘book’ them before they book up anything else.

Make sure to have everything packed and structured. Make sure your friends know what is sensitive and what is not, label the boxes. And don’t get mad if one of your friends breaks a glass. It could just as easily have happened to you. Make sure to have enough food and drink. No one works well on an empty stomach and complete everything with a pizza and beer. If you move yourself, you will most likely need to rent a truck or van to transport furniture and boxes. Make sure to book your rental car in time so that you do not stand there on moving day with no car, a minor disaster.

The other alternative is of course to hire a moving company, which is mainly useful if you have many heavy things plus you will have insurance if anything breaks or gets lost during the move. The main advantage of hiring a moving company is of course that it's quick, easy and no heavy lifting for you.

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