The beauty of the orange lily is apparent with just a single look at it. These flowers are used for many occasions: Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, funerals, weddings and birthdays. Mixed with other lilies or completely different types of flowers, the orange lilies are pretty and simple, yet versatile flowers,
which cannot be the wrong choice. They are pure, gracious and elegant and often preferred for corporate occasions.

The orange lily’s origin is not completely exact yet. It has been traced all over the world for the past 3000 years and its name was originally Lilium (deriving from ancient Greek). The orange lily loves direct sunlight as well as some partial shade occasionally. The soil for the flowers should be well-drained, acidic and rich in organic materials for them to develop well. The leaves of the orange lily are pointy and long. They are in bloom from the early days of summer until early autumn. Plant them about 10-12 inches deep and water them constantly while they are blooming. There are about eighty species of lilies in nature, categorized in terms of scent, colour, size and bloom. Some of the most popular orange lilies are: Giraffe, Tiger Lily, Trumpet Lily, Karen North and African Queen.

The original meaning of the orange lily is of dislike and hatred. It has a cheerful and bright colour, but unfortunately not a joyful symbolism. Throughout the years, the symbolism has become less negative and nowadays the orange lily can be given to a business partner, a friend, a teacher or even a significant other.
The orange color is a business color above all and it doesn’t have to represent something negative. Orange lilies are often used as sympathy flowers – with their simple, almost neutral colour, they express deep condolence and grief.
In a round bouquet, or a wreath, they transmit a sympathetic emotion, without being too bright or showy. For funerals, orange lilies are often mixed with orange gerberas and rose, as well as blue lisianthus. Despite their ambiguous symbolism, orange lilies are often used at weddings – for corsages, centerpieces and boutonnieres. Their pretty shape makes them some of the most popular wedding flowers, despite the colour. Mixed with white lilies, purple freesia and plenty of greenery, they look splendid. Whether you choose a hand-tied, round or cascade bouquet for the bride and the bridesmaids, the effect will be stunning.
Orange is a color that stimulates the mind and the imagination; it also makes people communicate more, so it’s perfect for all sorts of gatherings, parties and meetings.

Orange lilies are pretty garden flowers. Plant them about 10 inches apart from one another at a spot where they can get enough sun in the morning. Water them abundantly after planting and use a fertilizer every spring. As cut flowers, the orange lilies can stay fresh for up to 2 weeks, if you keep them somewhere cool and cut the stems every couple of days. On their own or combined with other flowers, orange lilies are astonishingly beautiful and calming. If you like them for their shape, scent and colour, adorn your home with them and ignore the traditional negative symbolism. After all, each flower has its own special beauty and charm, so if you like it for how it looks, don’t get too obsessed about its meaning.


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