What are the advantages of One year and 2 years degree ?

1: what is difference between master of engineering one year degree and honors (2 years). what are the advantages of One year and Honors 2 years degree.

2: If i get one year ms degree, how many years will it take to complete my PhD in Australia or other European countries, is one year MS degree acceptable there? or i will have to complete 2 years any how? or i will have to do 2 years MS degree again in Germany, European countries and then go for PhD?

3: Apart from academic side, if i get this one year Ms degree can i start my career in industrial side, like if i go to Middle east in industrial side like communication, control system etc, i mean i will be able to start my career or i will have to complete 2 years for that?

4: if i don't get good percentage in this degree, for instance if i get 65%, will i be able to avail scholarship in European countries or anywhere else? or i can get job easily in middle east with this percentage? actually i don't have work experience as i have graduated in 2009. so without experience and low percentage i will b able to get job in middle east in industrial side??

(i) Usually for PhD the general requirement is a Masters degree with Thesis in the related area. This means that the some Research in Master degree is essential in order to go for PhD in Australia and European Countries.
In many cases, when applying to PhD, first we need to contact a potential supervisor before admission, if you have a master degree with thesis with few conference publications then its really good enough for admission and funding. I think this could not achieve in one year degree. I can say all this need a two years masters degree with research a essential part.
(ii) However a one year master degree is also, usually it consist of course work and project, that's also fine, then you have a chance to develop your technical skills to find a job in industry.
Both options are equally good with two different directions, finally the choice depends your attitude, where you think you are comfortable and can perform well.

For your first two questions, I'd say that u must be sure about these things b4 u joined the degree program. & the best source of answer for these questions is your degree program coordinator.
As far as I know, one year Master of Engineering degree at Australian universities are not accredited from Engineers Australia. While two years program are accredited. So this is one disadvantage. & the same thing goes if you wanna go for Ph.D. I mean that you will have to take extra credits b4 u can start your Ph.D. Actually, one year MS is a terminal degree, & your not expected to go for Ph.D. after doing that.

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  1. Most companies all over the world would like to accept employees who finished at least four years of college or a Bachelor's degree. One or two years of study is not bad, but you may pursue a bachelor's degree. It will be better for you.