We want Education in Sindh, Pakistan

It is informed/ requested to Higher Authorities, all the conscious, respectful people that The University of Sindh has been driven towards destruction where the lives and the future of students of every indigent and middle class person are ...being jeopardized. The poor people who live in the interior and the country side of the Sindh, dream of the better future of their children. And to make this dream come true they even sell all of their belongings and assets. But unfortunately now their dreams have been broken.
The only accessible University of the lower class people of Sindh has been broken to pieces. currently Elsa Qazi Old Campus is being upgraded to the level of university just for those people who closed the entrances to the Cities of Sindh for Sindhi people, who cut the breasts of Sindhi women and sent the corpses of innocent people to the their villages.
By adhering to our greed and affected by the terror we are unable to do anything but just to watch the University being ruined, to whom the future of our children is connected…
The reality is something like this:-
1) Vice-chancellor is always engaged in the foreign visits, but if he gets some time to appear in the office, he only comes to issue the employment orders of his friends and favorite people. On the other hand, if any employee is just 15 minutes late, he is treated with humiliation. Counting the days of Mr. VC’s appearance in the office, they are not more than 30. Rests of the 11 months are spent in visits, gatherings with friends on the university expenses.
2) Because of his unlawful decisions more than 7 cases were submitted against him in the court. All of them were won by petitioners. Most surprisingly he did not implement the court orders and committed contempt of court.
3) During his 11 month period more than 387 protests and hunger strikes have been held against him by different employee, student and teacher’s associations. Many TV programs, reports and talk shows against Dr. N. A. Mughal were on-aired.
4) Amazingly he creates, without considering the laws and the rules, new designations for his favorite people to make them happy. Those designations are not even mentioned in the code of the university and for which no budget is allocated. And revenue is being wasted for no reason.
5) His conduct with officers, teachers and employees is ruthless (like a Subedaar). Perhaps he feels good by humiliating the honorable officers and Faculty Members.
6) Holding two designations, simultaneously, is unlawful in accordance with the constitution and Government Service Rules, but Mr. Vice-chancellors holds two designations( Vice-Chancellor of Second Oldest University of Pakistan and Professor of Civilization at Edinboro University PENNSYLVANIA, USA for which the web site of the Edinboro University can be visited) and he has a foreign citizenship as well.

7) The long stories of his royal expenses can be seen in the files of Finance Wing, University of Sindh. And many officers were sacked after the NRO was terminated but he is still, being alleged for NAB cases, holding all his designations. It should be remembered that he was on the Professor at University of Sindh for 3 years and he got full benefits of the retirement. During his previous period of Vice-Chancellorship in the University of Sindh (1995-1998) many cases of corruption were charged against him. Due to his corruption and illegal appointments/promotions many officers were reverted after he left the Vice-Chancellorship. Unfortunately after he has been again appointed for the same rank, that Officer and his favorite people have again been appointed and promoted for the same positions and he is torturing the skillful people mentally, psychologically and financially.
8) Most surprisingly, he has given the powers of 22 grade ranks to those people, who are his 16 grades Secretary, contractual employee of his secretariat in written form.
9) He is not taking measures for the Registration of the Professors’, Officers’ and Employees’ Welfare Associations, consequently the welfare of 4000 thousand people/employees of the University of Sindh is still not in action since long, as according to the Basic Human Rights Chapter in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, every citizen has a right to form welfare Association, but the Vice-Chancellor is not agreed to act according to the Constitution himself. On the other hand Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan abolished the ban from all type of Unions in his first speech in National Assembly.
10) Currently more than 200 contractual Employees are waiting to become permanent, but he is not willing to make them permanent.
11) And there are other so many cases of such type which are not mentioned just to save time.
12) It is a proof of the progress of Dr. Mughal that prior to his period the University was at 9th Rank at the Higher Education Commission but now it has decreased to 15th rank within his 11 month’s tenure. It is injustice with the second oldest University of Pakistan by this Vice Chancellor.
It is an appeal to Honorabe President, Prime Minister, Governor Sindh, Honorable Miam Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Honorable Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan, All MNAs Of Muslim League (N)(To raise the voice in National Assembly),Honorable Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Honorable Chief Justice, Sindh High Court, Karachi, Honorable Chairman NAB ( Dr. Nazir A. Mughul was Charged in a NAB case during his previous period) and all other Authorities that to save the only University of indigent and lower middle class people of Sindh, because this is not just a University, but it is a question of the future of more than 22000 students of Sindh and Pakistan.
It is also appealed to the Higher Authorities as mentioned above to constitute a Secrete Committee of impartial Members to inquire the above said facts and findings to prove them valid.
And it is also appealed for God’s Sake, take actions against this criminal, Psycho Patient, Enemy of Education and appoint an honest and skillful person as a Vice-Chancellor for the second oldest University of Sindh.
Yours Sincerely….
students, Professors, Officers and Staff of the University of Sindh


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