Teaching Experience for Axia/UOP

I've been teaching for Axia/UOP for three and a half years. The pay is quite low, and they are VERY corporate, but there has also been very minimal personal interference in my classes. I teach beginning courses in English and Communications, including those in what is called the First Year Sequence (I have an M.A. in Communications and a B.A. in English). As most of you know, Axia is an open enrollment college, and the FYS was introduced a couple of years ago to address the needs of students whose writing ability was simply too low for college-level work.
Regarding the investigation of UOP, it was found that some enrollment counselors -- who were paid on commission, apparently -- were needlessly pushing students on student loans and doing a few other illegal and obviously immoral things to up their commissions. Admin did step in, and enrollment counselors are no longer paid via commission and are under strict guidelines for recruitment. UOP also has introduced a free, three-week workshop to get prospective students acquainted with the online college environment. I recently started teaching the workshop, and I must say that it is quite well designed.
Since starting at Axia, I have been hired at two other colleges, one online and one on-ground, and Axia/UOP does not seem to have been a hindrance on my CV.


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