The Internet is a network of a large number of computer networks around the world. It is a data communication system. Through this system millions of computers have been linked together.
The Internet consists of both the hardware and the software.The hardware comprises the computers and the connections between them.The software consists of programs that let these computers communicate with each other.
All three major media of communication are used to connect the networks and the computers in the Internet.These media are:
1- Telephone lines
2- Fiber-optic cables
3- Satellite communications
There are generally three types of computers in the internet. These are hosts, servers and users.
1 Host store information in the form of text, pictures, sound and video films.
2 Servers allow users to connect to the Internet. Servers also help the users to store and share information on the Internet.
3 Users use the information stored on the hosts and pass messages to other computers attached to the Internet.


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