Best Meats and Veggies

I just want to jump back in for a quick sec. I'm totally not knocking organic foods and I do believe that they are better for us -- the pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers can't be good for us. Whether or not this has to do with recovery from ASD, I don't know. I think it depends on what the child is reacting to. I have talked to a mom before whose son did need 100% organic foods because he reacted to any type of agricultural chemicals. He had brain swelling because he reacted to pesticides in his veggies. This mom moved the family closer to where she had access to a farmer's market where there were lots of Amish farmers who didn't use any chemicals in growing their crops and only used non-GMO crops. This is what they need to do. I totally get that.
For us, I prioritize according to our needs. I buy the best meats and veggies we can afford at the time. I keep in mind that we need therapy.
It's a numbers game for us. If I can get organic fruits and veggies, and I have the money at the time, then I'll definitely do it because I think it is healthier. During the summer, it's a little easier here. But am I willing to do it when I have speech therapy, ABA, etc. to pay for -- am I willing to buy all organic foods at the expense of giving up therapy? I just can't because I see therapy working for them, as well. I do try to give the kids better quality meats. I would love to be able to eat grass fed beef only for us, but we just can't do it all the time for ourselves. I try to especially watch the meats I give Maia because I see how soy and gluten build up in her system, even at the feed level. So, we go half way, and the kids, who eat less than we do, get the better meats. We eat the regular stuff from a good butcher shop and I can live with that. I do pick and choose based on what we can afford, but I also acknowledge that we still need to pay for therapy, we still need to put a roof over our heads and live.
It's so variable and there's no one way to do anything. I love reading people's ideas and suggestions on here and in other web sites -- gives me stuff to think about and be aware of. I don't think anyone is over-draconian on here. I never mind when people are adamant about certain things because I can get a sense of how much this one issue affects their children and it
makes me more vigilant to watch for it.


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