Investing In Fire Curtains To Enhance Safety In Communities

Fire is said to be one of the most devastating experiences a person can face in a lifetime. In the most serious incidents, the irreplaceable loss of property and lives also brings psychological trauma that may take a long time to resolve. In the UK, the latest government statistics show a total economic cost of £7.03 billion from a total of 287,000 fires in a year. These incidents also resulted in the deaths of 388 people, most of whom perished inside their own dwellings. Given the fire-related heavy losses, it's crucial for the government and the general public to consider the improvement of their fire safety measures as an ongoing, long-term commitment

The UK fire safety authorities designed a national fire safety program that actively works towards the reduction of deaths and injuries from fire. They aim to identify the most vulnerable sectors in society so that they can intensify fire prevention programmes in those areas. Moreover, they continuously upgrade the response system during emergencies so they're well prepared to help when it's needed the most.
Meanwhile, an increasing number of homeowners, establishments and building managers aim to increase the safety in their property and community by investing in high-quality fire curtains. These are screens that are specifically engineered to restrict the path of flame, heat and smoke from one area to another. By containing the fire within an area or preventing it from spreading to a larger space, the rates of injuries, death and property damage can be reduced.

Leading fire curtain companies consider both security and aesthetics when supplying and installing fire curtains. They make careful measurements to make sure that each panel fits snugly in the areas to be blocked, and that the entire installation is integrated in the design of the property. Ideally, the fire curtains must be slim and lightweight yet made of strong, sturdy fire-rated material that can withstand heavy use.   

Aside from the installation of fire curtains, UK fire authorities also highly recommend having the most vulnerable spots in the property fitted with smoke curtains. A huge number of fire injuries result not just from the actual flames, but from the spread of thick, toxic and extremely hot fumes. Smoke curtains direct the noxious gases from one place to a specified exit point that will pose the smallest impact to the building dwellers and their neighbors. 

For ultimate safety, make sure fire curtains and smoke curtains are made from materials that have passed relevant testing and quality standards, and are installed only by fully trained and authorized installation engineers and fitting teams.

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