Tilt Tray Hire: Hobart Specialists Offer Convenient Car Transport For An Interstate Move

Moving to a different state requires adequate preparation – you pack boxes with all your belongings, take your pets to the vet so they can have the vaccinations and any medication they need to stay calm through the long-distance transport, and you get yourself ready psychologically and physically to accommodate this change in your life. All these things are pretty easy to take care of, but what about the extra car that you have that nobody will be driving? What are you going to do about it?
For some families, there are enough drivers for all the cars they have, but if you don’t, do you sell the one that has no driver? If you’re the fiercely practical type, that would be a worthy option, but if you prefer a less drastic way of dealing with the situation, then you actually have two other options: either you hire an auto transport company or go for a tilt tray hire. Hobart professional movers include this special truck to cater to customers who have extra vehicles that they cannot personally drive to take with them to their new home. 

The latter option’s convenience far outperforms the service of most auto transport companies. Firstly, transporting your car can be on the same day of your actual move, unlike with any arrangement you’ll have with an auto transport company. Secondly, you can be sure that your vehicle’s quality is not getting compromised by other people’s cars as most auto transport companies ship several cars at once. And thirdly, the drop-off place could be right in front of your new home.

If you have the budget to hire a tilt tray truck, consider it a very worthy investment because aside from your vehicle, there are other things that it can also transport. For example, if you have a special children’s playhouse from your old home that you want to take with you, the truck is big enough for that. In fact, it’s also a tilt tray that’s used to transport tiny prefab (or prefabricated) homes which a lot of people these days have. Tilt tray trucks can also move 20-foot-long shipping containers, tractors, sheds — practically anything large that is typically difficult to move.

Some of these trucks are long enough for two vehicles and if you want to make full use of their size to get your investment’s worth, you can add other big things to the truck like a cabinet or maybe even a grand piano.

About the author – Sarah Miller is a business consultant who spends her time writing articles about various topics related to home and business. With her experience moving interstate a couple of times, she shares her knowledge and techniques on making relocation as enjoyable as possible. She also follows helpful websites such as http://www.bellsremovals.com.au


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