How to Write a Resume for Fresh Graduates?

Are you out of college and planning to hunt for your desired job? The first thing that contributes a lot in your success is writing a correct resume. Read on the article to get some useful tips on writing a resume for fresh graduates.
When you are a fresh graduate, there is not much that can be included in your resume. Being your first interaction with job hunt, it requires special preparation and focus to project your skills and potential to the recruiter on the basis of your academic record. Many people believe that the additional pages in resume increases the possibility of being shortlisted for job interview. However, it is not like that. The length and number of pages are not required to gain the attention of a recruiter. All you need is a well formatted resume that includes information that is relevant to the employer.

Tips on Writing Resume:
A fresh graduate’s resume is usually a one-page document, which should specifically highlight the job goals. With no record of work experience, it is vital to give only relevant information. There are few tips on writing resume.

Career Objectives:
Mention career objectives if you are sure about it at the time of applying for a specific job. This helps the recruiter to offer you a suitable job role. Also, mentioning career goals at the top of the resume shows that you are well aware about what you want to do in your professional life.

Mention Academic Details
For fresh graduates, it is important to mention academic details such as college name, year of graduation, major subjects, average marks and percentage at the top of the resume. Most of the times, fresh graduates are not able to decide which subjects should be mentioned in their resume. The candidate must keep in mind that it is better to include only those subjects that are relevant to your job. For instance, if you are a commerce graduate and applying for an accounting firm, it is notable to mention courses like accounting and taxation.

Mention Your Achievements:
At college level, think about your achievements at studies or extracurricular activities such as certificate, rewards and recognition achieved in several inter college or state level competitions. Mentioning your initiatives in different activities at college level indicates qualities like leadership, initiatives, and team working. Such qualities can be easily related by the recruiter in different job roles.

Responsibilities taken at School/College Level:
Being an active participant in different college events and sports activities reflects your exposure to several activities and makes you capable of relating to the real-world challenges. Mentioning about the responsibilities and duties taken at the time of important occasions at the school or college level shows that you are capable to lead and perform.

Other Requirements:
Apart from all the above mentioned things, it is imperative to take care of some common things such as content used, clarity, and relevant information. Content means the choice of words used in resume should be grammatically correct and not flamboyant or annoying to the reader. The idea should contain clarity and include correct information about your academic background.

Once you have included all the above mentioned points at the time of writing a resume, do not forget to proof read it. Remember, nothing can be a bigger turn-off for a recruiter than finding an error in your resume such as grammatical error or wrong spelling. Such errors give an idea to recruiter that the job applicant is careless and not much serious about the job. Therefore, it is always advisable to read it twice before forwarding it for a job interview.

Your marketability to the employer depends on what is mentioned in resume and what is conveyed by you at the time of personal interview. Resume being the first point of contact between job applicant and recruiter plays a crucial role in your selection. So, take time and prepare a well written resume.

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