Smart Housekeeping With A Wall-Mounted Clothes Line

When you’re in charge of managing a home, you know that the little details matter in the grand scheme of keeping your property (and perhaps the people who live in it) neat, clean, orderly and efficient. This could translate to the garbage bin and recycling canisters neatly tucked under the sink, your cleaning equipment conveniently arranged in one caddy, the breakfast things easily located in one nook of the counter, a landing strip to have the keys, boots, coats and umbrellas ready to go with you in one easy swoop every time you head out. By maintaining an organised way of doing things, you’re making sure every little task is simplified and that everything in the house will be purposeful and/or beautiful.
Yes, everything – including the pile of laundry sitting in the hamper. Doing housework can feel like a never-ending cycle of repetitive, monotonous tasks. So there’s nothing like a line of clean, fresh-smelling, newly laundered clothes flapping in the breeze to finally give you that sense of accomplishment — you’ll feel like breaking out into a song.
Just like with all other household tasks, it’s helpful to have a system in place to make things easier for everyone involved. Simple setups such as separate bins for white and colored clothes, a one-stop wash and dry area, and even the right choice of detergent can cut the amount of laundry time in half.
Another important consideration is the type and placement of your clothesline. A lot of homemakers prefer using a wall-mounted clothes line because it keeps things simple and more systematic. There’s a permanent place for everything, so you can more effectively plan the routine, paring it down to the most essential and most efficient steps.
 More people are likewise choosing a mounted clothesline over using the dryer because it’s remarkably more energy conservative. With the way households are now more aware of keeping expenses down and their power consumption low, going back to old-fashioned solutions can be a great way to save money and help save the environment. Clothesline fans also attest to the fact that hanging your clean laundry outside to dry is a sure way to keep clothes smelling good for a long time. Freshly washed sheets, linens and the baby’s nappies are bleached and disinfected when they spend some time in the sun, instead of being exposed to too much chemicals in laundry products.
 Moreover, did you know that the fresh, sunshine smell of clean laundry is voted the most favorite scent of people around the world? Scientists credit this to the good childhood memories it invokes. So even just for the sake of giving your kids good vibes to treasure, by all means, let it all hang out – to dry on the clothesline.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate "handyman". His craft involves DIY concepts and likes sharing guidelines and tips about stuffs on home improvement. He writes and reads almost anything that can hone his skills and increase his knowledge about DIY concepts and home improvement and with this article, he followed and made as his reference.


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