What You Can Do After A Car Accident

Every motorist strives to be careful when on the road. Traffic rules are observed. The car is maintained and ensured for safety, especially on long drives. But there are instances when accidents will occur and you may be left with damages to your vehicle and minor to major injuries. While you cannot do anything about something that has happened already, you can try to control what comes after by recalling as much details as possible from the car accident so that you are able to take legal action.

The Law and Your Rights
Laws vary according to the State and Territory, and this will include compensation claims. For example, in Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory have a non-fault motor vehicle scheme, which means you are covered for losses when injured in a motor accident. Meanwhile, a majority of the States and Territories are negligence-based. So you need to seek legal help in order to determine what you are entitled to, should you be injured in a motor accident.

A critical element in making claims is time. (This is also true of workers’ compensation claims, wherein employees injured at work need to claim compensation generally within three yearsof sustaining the injury.) Legal experts highly recommend reporting the motor accident immediately as there are strict time limits — which also vary with each State — when a claim must be reported. You cannot make a claim unless it is reported with the police.

Finding Legal Help
With such limitations and varying laws, you will need to find a lawyer who is an accredited specialist in the field of personal injury law. You could seek legal assistance with a law firm that does general practice but personal injury specialization can guarantee you favorable results for your claims.

It may even be a lot easier to find a proper lawyer these days what with most law firms having Web presence. You can check out the firm’s website, read about its solicitors, and look up successful cases they have worked on — from motor accidents to medical negligence. But before you commit to getting the law firm as your legal representative, make sure to first meet with the lawyers. See if they will be able to explain what you are entitled to, and what they can do to get you your just compensation. It is important that you also feel comfortable with your lawyer and not just have faith in his or her legal abilities.

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