Leading Law Firm Publishes Brochure For People Facing Allegations Of Sexual Offences

The extreme reaction of the public against those who have allegedly committed sexual offenses is understandable. Compared to all other known criminal acts out there, sexual assault is considered a very grave invasion of the physical, psychological, cultural, social and even spiritual identity of the victim. For many people, using sexual force is a crime of power, violence, threat and intimidation. But a leading law firm specializing on criminal cases believes that sexual assault allegations have a very complex nature.

This law firm has years of experience handling criminal cases, and their exposure to the people involved in these cases has showed them the other side of the coin: the side of the accused. According to them, the clients they have handled and the studies they have made regarding this type of cases showed that being accused of sexual offences can be one of the most distressing and disturbing experiences an individual can face, most especially if the claims are unsubstantiated or simply untrue.
The lawyers also observed that the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is non-existent; once you are accused you are almost automatically considered guilty. Legislation such as the Sex Offender Registration Act allows the public release of the register to the community and enables officers to keep tabs on the activities registered offenders for a long time – or even for life. Without proper legal counsel, an accused person can suffer from long-term social stigma and difficulties with career and life opportunities.

In their brochure, they outlined some of the prep work that an accused can do to help establish their credibility in court. This includes collecting evidence-based data through private investigation, social media, computer and telephone records, and bank information; getting legal representation when you appear before the Royal Commissions; and learning about what to expect when you stand in trial. The 32-page document also discusses relevant laws in simple yet comprehensive terms, and provides practical tips such as investigative techniques during the pre-interview and interview, as well as a detailed explanation of what will happen in court.

The overarching theme of the brochure is clear: the accused, just like the complainant, needs proper legal representation. Having a team of lawyers by your side arms you with a complete understanding of the legal processes and lets you have a fair trial. For cases that can influence how you will live the rest of your life, making timely, informed and intelligent decisions is the only way to make sure that the full strength of the law and justice will take its due course.

About the Author: Calvin John McPhee is an educational consultant. As of now, he is a freelance writer who writes articles about education, students, legal concerns and other related topics. He also visits Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Blog to find new and effective ways on how to have the best legal solution that individuals need.


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