5 Simple and Affordable Ways to Prevent Home Theft

Home theft is a major problem in many areas today. Last year alone, there were over a million burglaries in America. The majority of these burglaries involved private homes. However, there are several easy and affordable ways you can protect your home from thieves.

Put up a Home Security Sign
Home security systems are a great way to prevent theft, but they can also be expensive. However, you can put up a home security system sign without actually having a home security system. The signs are available for purchase online. When most burglars see a security system sign, they are not going to hang around and try to see if you really have a security system or not. They are going to go to another house that does not have a security system sign visible.

Secure Your Garage
Many burglars enter your home through your garage. People often forget to lock the house door that leads to the garage and if your garage is left open, they have easy access to your home. An open garage door also allows would be burglars to see many of your valuable belongings. Remember to always keep your garage door closed when you are not home.

Prune Your Shrubs
If you have shrubs close to your house, keep them pruned back so that burglars don’t have a place to hide. Try to keep shrubbery to a minimum under your windows. If a thief can hid behind a bush, they can gain easy access to your home through a window. If your home is kept open and windows and doors are exposed, a burglar will usually move on to another house.

Keep Your Valuables Safe
The master bedroom is usually the first place a thief will look for valuables. Try to find a different spot to hide your valuables. If you have many things of value, you may want to consider buying a safe. There are many different models available, ranging from portable safes to professionally installed wall safes.

Install Lights and Motion Sensors
Burglars will avoid light. If you have lights and motion sensors around your property, lights will go on as soon as someone enters your property. This will usually scare the burglar away.

These simple steps will help to keep you safe from home theft. If you have questions or need further assistance, check out home security in Springfield MO and Vivint Dayton OH.


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