The Nissan 350Z - Unique price and power

The Nissan 350Z is the best example of how sports understand the Japanese car. First of all a spectacular design and to accompany a staggering engine. It's not disappointing leads to which neither Venlo who passes. Everyone knows that's a serious thing. A breath of fresh air in these times that run "camouflaged" sportsmanship.

Coupes between 250 and 300 HP are the Nissan 350Z, Audi TT Coupe 3.2 Quattro DSG 6 speed, the Jaguar XK8 Coupe and the Honda NSX 3.2 V6 DOHC VTEC Coupe (Comparative tab).

The 350Z costs €40.950, less than some sports sedans that are not so points, like the Alfa 156 3.2 GTA (250 HP and €42.100) or the Subaru Impreza 2.0 WRX STI (265 HP and €42.200).

You enter the coupes; an Audi TT Coupe 3.2 Quattro sold €46,010 (with change DSG and all-wheel drive). A Mazda RX-8, with 241 HP, is something cheaper: €37,420. The Honda NSX costs almost three times more than the Nissan.

It is a car that raised curiously for the driver, apart from the outside line, there are two factors that can be seen immediately to the few hundred meters after leaving the dealership: the hardness of the suspensions, firm but not uncomfortable, and a sporty sound.

With more miles, the driver will, details a few very good for a Nissan Sports Cars and others not so much. Among the first is a motor that responds pleasantly in the range of revolutions and, especially, above 4,500 RPM. However, this engine does that benefits of the 350 fit with its power. It is not faster than cars like the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, Ford Focus RS 200 or the León Seat Cupra R.

There are also strengths box with six speeds, hard but quick changes, and brakes, which are powerful and excellent touch. Series it has ABS and stability control. The address, perhaps too hard for the city, is not too fast.

This setting of elements determines a car with good stability in fast, but not so good in slow curve, the curve where it is too much pepper. The suspension, despite its hardness, well absorbs irregularities so terrain in Spanish motorways, full of surprises, at high speeds, can travel with the peace of not having to correct paths because a Baden or an expansion joint has departed the line of March of the car.

The steering wheel has no longitudinal adjustment and the shift lever is very delayed in relation to the steering wheel, which can prevent acts quickly on it. Because it has no rear seats, back there are two places where carrying luggage; behind the seat or in the trunk. This has a volume of 235 liters, which is rather low.

The front tires are 225/45 and the rear 245/45, optionally (1,000 €) can be mounted wheels forged aluminum also 18 inches in diameter, weighing (between the four) 4 kg less than that come as standard. The series has xenon headlamps, alarm, rear-view mirrors heated, pre-installation of telephone and cruise control. Optionally, you can take the steering wheel, seats and head restraints in skin color orange (€500). It is available in six different colors, two solid and metallic four.

According to Nissan, «the high demands and the higher speeds of European drivers have advised Nissan to make a remarkable work of adaptation of the 350Z». The European model has aerodynamic improvements (a different air intake, a small spoiler and diffuser), in the rear part of the bodywork which improve the stability at high speed. The drag coefficient of the European model is 0.29, a good fact. Nissan also ensures that the radiator is larger and that the differential is best refrigerated.

Datsun began in 1970 to sell the first model with the name «Z», the 240Z. It had an engine of 2,400 cm3 developing 150 HP and its price was low compared to other sporty models of the time. Later evolutions of the car increased their displacement and power.

Author: Roger Abert is an IT professional and writer, editor at biggest Japanese used cars Exporting Company. Follow him on Google +.


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