Five Activities That Will Get You Ready for Summer

Although the evenings may still hold a few more nights of winter cold, summer is just around the corner. This means it is time to prepare because soon the days will be filled with shuffling kids to and from their summer activities while trying to keep them busy in between. While it is always a smart idea to plan for a few summer activities, such as vacations and swimming, it is also best to leave plenty of time available to spend a few carefree days soaking up the sun. Therefore, the following five activities are described to help you get ready for summer so that you can spend the warmer months relaxed and ready for fun.
Review Your Budget 
The first thing you should do to prepare for summer is review your budget. With school out for the summer, you will most likely have a few dollars left over for savings since there will be less expenditures such as school lunches and uniforms. If you are looking for something new to do this summer, then consider contributing your savings toward special outings to the museum or for a family vacation.

Plan to Relax 
It may be tempting to schedule a new activity for your family each day of summer; however, it is important to remember that the kids have been tethered to a schedule all year. Overdoing your outings can also lead to some stressful days if everyone becomes overtired. Instead, be sure to include a few days where everyone can just lounge around the house doing relaxing activities such as spending time in the hot tub or hosting a movie night.

Organize Your Home 
Once the kids are home, messy rooms are inevitable; however, you can help contain the clutter by organizing now. Create a few play areas throughout your home where messes can be welcomed. For example, an easel in the kitchen can create a safe place for a child to express their creativity while rearranging the living room might provide a place for an impromptu sheet tent party.

Promote Flexibility 
When summer arrives, be sure to take it easy for the first several weeks. It can take some time for you to get used to the kids being home and for them to find a new routine. While there may be a few extra messes in the house and you may need to make extra trips to the store, these days are ones that you will remember as your kids grow older.

Create a Chore Chart
Even though flexibility is important throughout the summer months, children still need a routine. Create a chore chart for each child that includes a daily and a weekly chore to be completed. Older children can help with outdoor chores such as hot tub care while younger children can assist with picking up toys. When everyone works together, there will be plenty of time for fun during the summer.

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