5 Essential Emergency Items To Keep In Your Car

One never knows when an emergency situation will arise whilst driving. You may find yourself in a blizzard, in a desert or simply out of cellphone range. Regardless of your emergency, it is important to have these 5 essential emergency items to keep in your car at all times.

A Flashlight 
A flashlight is essential for a number of reasons. You may need to change a tire in the dark. Being able to see into an unlit trunk and to be able to see your actions as you perform them will make the task significantly easier. A flashlight will also prove invaluable if you have to walk at night for assistance.

Believe it or not, technology does not always work, particularly in emergency situations. You should always have a road atlas representing all states in the vehicle. You may very well avert a potentially dangerous situation by being able to quickly navigate your way out of trouble. And, you can use your flashlight to read the map at night if necessary.

Everyone should have their car stocked with water. You do not need to spend money on expensive bottle water. You can just as easily reuse old plastic bottles to fill with tap water to save money. You might also consider keeping a separate jug of water to use on the vehicle if necessary.

Extra Clothing or Blankets 
Even if you are stranded in the desert, temperatures drop significantly at night. You want to ensure that you are able to stay warm enough to survive through the night. This becomes increasingly critical if you are traveling through mountainous regions or cold states during the autumn and winter. To save on space in your trunk, consider using a convenient vacuum-seal bag to ensure you are able to bring as much as possible.

You never know how long you might be stranded. It is a good idea to have enough emergency food supply to last for at least a few days. Remember to pack non-perishable items that will last for months or years rather than items with a short shelf life. You should also pack resealable bags to dispose of trash as to not attract animals with the smell of your garbage and to be kind to the environment.

Being in any emergency situation is often a bit overwhelming. Having these essential items in your vehicle at all times will provide you with the ability to survive until you are able to reach help.


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