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 Optimizing your blog to pick up search engine traffic can sometimes feel like an exercise in the impossible. Every time you identify a topic that people are searching for, a thousand other competitors have already beaten you to the punch and written about it on their own blogs, meaning that if you want to get to the top of the Google rankings, you will have to produce something truly extraordinary. If you rely on the Google keyword tool, you can pick up some good ideas, but you know that every other one of your competitors is looking in exactly the same place for SEO ideas. So what are some good places to find SEO keywords that aren’t already covered? Here are three quick ideas that will serve you well.

News Stories and Trending Topics
  Every single day, hundreds of new “SEO worthy” terms are churned out by journalists and news sites. As these writers and researchers uncover new areas of interest and shove them into the public spotlight, people will start searching for them on Google and its competitors. The keyword tool and Google trends data may not yet register the spike in these search terms, but if something is being talked about during a particular day’s news cycle, you can be confident it is has SEO power. And sometimes, simply embedding a tweet about a topic in your WordPress themes is enough to draw in search visitors; you don’t necessarily need an entire post.

Social Media
Lots of topics that are popular fly under the radar of journalists and news sites, but don’t escape discussion on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Any time you see a friend or two discussing an aspect of a story or topic you hadn’t yet heard of, it is a safe bet that thousands (if not millions) of people are having identical discussions elsewhere. Capitalize on their interest by covering that angle or aspect on your blog.

Your Own Comments Section
Many times, visitors who arrive on your page via Google but don’t find the information they are seeking will leave a comment, asking that you cover a new angle on an old topic. Do not overlook these comments. They are pointing you in the correct direction. Pick up the thread they have put down for you, and use it to write a new article (or two) that will draw in search visitors with the same interests they had.

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