Moving Mirrors and Furniture with Mirrors

When a person is changing the house, where one is living or the office, in which he is working, the right packing of the furniture is essential. The surfaces of the tables, wardrobes and others have to be well protected, in order to escape unpleasant surprises when unpacking.
There are always some parts of the furniture, which are easier for moving and packing. This can be due to their shape and dimensions, which allow easy packaging. It also can be because of the material, they are made of. Certain surfaces are a lot difficult to be damaged.
The most vulnerable though is the furniture, that contains parts with mirrors, glass and any similar. These pieces of the house equipment need special attention and this article will mark the most simple things that can be done, which will prevent future disappointment. What absolutely must have to be done is any glass and mirror parts to be removed from the furniture, that is going to be loaded in the van. No suggestions that the mirrors are more stable as attached to other things is true. The removing of the mirrors parts has to be done very slowly and professionally. This is the moment when things can go wrong. No matter how easy it looks the mirrors are often attached with screws and others to the furniture. Unscrewing is the moment when the glass can be easily cracked and even broken in pieces. If a man does not feel confident about doing this alone, one should ask for the help of someone, who has done this before or the staff of the removing company. They will guarantee that the
moving will not be accompanied by bad luck as a glass is broken at its beginning. The statistics claim, that more accidents are happening in this stage of the removing process, than the transportation itself. The best number of people to help with the unscrewing are four – two of them have to catch it after it is detached from the furniture and the other two have to be ready to catch in case something unexpected happens.

If everything to this point goes well, here is the time to start packing the glass the best way possible. The first thing to do is stick a tape across the mirror in shape of X. This is really important for the bigger mirrors. It will not keep it save and will not prevent it from breaking, but in case something happens at least the people, taking part in the moving will not look for pieces of glass all over the place and will not be afraid to accidentally step on some of them.
The simple paper will not do much in preventing the mirrors from breaking. If a person really cares for the mirror, one has to wrap it with one with bubbles. Then the ready-to-travel glass can be put in a moving box, which will match the proper size. As much material there is between the mirror and the walls of the truck, the better are the chances for it to stay in good condition.
There are several simple rules, that have to be followed when loading the package on the van, which will carry all the furniture. If the owner has forgotten to write the label FRAGILE on it, this is the last chance. The mirror part has to face the wall of the truck, the ropes are absolutely obligatory, so the package does not go from one side to the other, and last but not least, the objects that will surround the mirror have to be carefully picked – the lighter they are the better.


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