What to Ask when You Contact a Removals Company

It is no coincidence that they call them removals companies or relocation companies. Their very name says it all- you cannot do without them. And indeed a lot of people turn to them when they want to move. For that reason there are plenty of them on the market. Nevertheless, you should be careful because if you have never used the services of one you could easily mistake a fraudulent firm for a proper company and have a lot of troubles with them. So, take all the time you need to find a good removals company. Even if it takes weeks or a month. Now, remember that the tricky part comes after you have found your movers. Not everyone would agree with that but the thing is people tend to contact these companies without having anything to ask them. Here are some tips on what to ask relocation firms when you contact them and why this is important.
You cannot just phone a company and tell them you want to hire them because you are moving. The fact you are phoning them makes that obviously enough. Calling without having anything specific in mind you would like to know will be only a waste of time for you and the firm and will show that your lack of organization. Not being asked anything in particular a relocation firm will have to provide you with general information about their services and direct you to their website. Unfortunately for you this will be of no help since you are already familiar with the site because this is probably the way you have found them. So, do your homework before you contact them!

What you should ask when contacting a removals company is entirely up to you. Yet, there are some standard issues regarding a moving that you might like to discuss with them.
The first thing you should be interested in is the type of services they offer: do they only advise you on how to do it yourself, do they pack and move or do they only transport belongings, etc?

Once you make that clear ask them about their price. It will largely depend on the work they do. If they do it all for you then it will be a little bit more expensive than a firm that only gives you directions and you do the work.

Another thing you would like to know is speed and time. Finishing in no time is not a main requirement although a lot of companies manage to do so. Nevertheless, finishing in a week or two is also satisfactory. Slowing down the process to a month and even more, however, is no acceptable at all. So, try to find out how long the moving will take them.

Last but not least come the license and the insurance. A full-licensed firm is very important for the safety of moving. It means they are not frauds. And having insurance will take all worries off your shoulders. A firm that offers insurance will cover any loss or damage of your items. Just make sure you read their policy on the matter so to know to what extent they cover these things. Anyway, all this is formal of course since a reputable company is not likely to damage your possessions in any way.

After finding out all you need ask your movers to come over your house. Estimating it in advance so to have an idea how many employees should be engaged in your moving, how many and how big the truck should be, and what tools they will need is essential. So, make an appointment with them because there is no better way in judging whether one is reliable or not than meeting one in person and have a little chat with them.


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