The best online Risk game

After hearing so much about the Yahoo acquisition bid and the Google monopoly predictions lately, I suddenly an urge to play a bit of world domination myself.
If you’ve ever played Risk, the classic take-over-the-world board game then you will know its no fun playing with less then three people, or even setting up to play at all. So I decided to have a bit of a look for a good – and free – game of Risk on the Internet.
After sorting through a couple of pages of Google searches wanting us to buy the official PC version of Risk I came across some nice unofficial alternatives for you to play.
Here, for your enjoyment, are the best free Risk games:

The Facebook application

Java Risk


Play online with LandGrab


  1. I've found Conquer Club to be very enjoyable, and have never experienced any trouble from the administration. There's a lively forum with some of the usual internet drama. I suspect the above poster is a disgruntled troll.

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  4. Replies
    1. I will try this game and give you the feed back about it. Thanx to share.

  5. Hey..I'll surely play this game seems interesting ..Thanks alot for sharing ..:)


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