Review of an Online Student

I am an online student and hope to be a future online instructor soon. I can tell you that it's not only teachers that are frustrated but also students that are working on team assignments with these students. One of my team members turned in her 250 word minimum portion of the team assignment two days after the agreed upon team deadline and 95% of it was word for word from the required reading with no in-text citations, quotations, or reference. When I called her out on it, she said she did not intentionally plagiarize. The entire second paragraph was word for word from the text except for an added "the" while the first paragraph actually had one sentence that sounded way too familiar but I couldn't find it in the text. My school allows students to use Turn It In and it only picked up about 25% of the work as plagiarized. This student is in a Master's program. Luckily, I caught it before turning in the assignment but it makes me wonder how this could have affected my grade. I also wonder if she has been getting by with this during her enter academic career.

Written By: HomeMom


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