Blogging Private Label Rights Articles

Writing in general can be very time consuming due to things like writer’s block setting in, not being well versed in a particular subject, or sometimes feeling like you just don’t have anything worth saying.

If you’re running a niche blog, having no content can be detrimental to your bottom line. Private label rights articles can be a source of much needed inspiration and save you some time. In some cases, you can even split one article into two or three blog entries while adding your own commentary.

If you’re not familiar with PLR articles or products, they are similar to works written by ghostwriters. You can use and modify the article without needing to credit the original author.

A word of caution, though, when using PLR articles is not to use them as-is. The PLR article should only be a base for your actual blog entries, otherwise your blog may end up unoriginal and lacking your personality.

InfoGoRound and Nicheology are just two sites that provide content on a varying number of subjects. (Nicheology offers private label products that you can polish and re-brand as your own.)

While writing this entry, I’ve decided to do a quick step by step how-to series on using PLR articles to help build a niche blog on a budget. Look for that series over the next week and I’ll be sure to update this entry with the links.


  1. PLR articles are only as good as what you do with them. If you use them without modification of any kind, of course you’ll probably get roped for duplicate content. Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with PLR content as long as you take the time to customize it — it’s not like you need to write the entire article from scratch.

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