One Word being a Full Time Adjunct.

I often see posts from instructors considering the merits of being a full time adjunct. Establishing yourself as an online instructor is a very lengthy process. One word and the following comments sum it up-TIME

Time –

To obtain the needed credentials to teach your subject

To fill out applications and search for openings

For colleges to look through the 1000s they get for each position-(As a newbie you are fortunate if your application is chosen for further consideration)

For them to contact you for more information

To order the transcripts and get them sent to the colleges and universities Time for colleges and universities to evaluate your transcripts

For prescribed training (Each college and university have specific requirements)

For your name and qualifications to be in an adjunct pool list

For colleges and universities to assess student enrollment confirms a need for your services

For staff development to increase your knowledge and capabilities

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