My Teaching Experience

I am new to the blog, so I thought I would introduce myself. I am Genevieve, I have an MA in mathematics. I worked as a faculty associate at Arizona State for a year before I started moving around a lot--my boyfriend moves frequently for work. Before that, I taught as a graduate student, and have been tutoring mathematics for almost a decade. Because we move frequently, I have been working online for the last year or so, mainly doing data entry and other things like that. I accidentally stumbled into a job posting for University of Phoenix and decided to apply, I have missed teaching quite a lot since leaving. I've made it through to the phone interview portion of the interview for Axia, if my recruiter ever actually schedules me. The idea of teaching online excites me, so I've been applying to other open math positions. I found this blog, and though it would be a good place to learn a little more about what is involved teaching online.
I have already learned a lot searching the archives, but I haven't seen too much discussion about teaching math online. I have taught several math courses in a brick and mortar class, from statistics, to basic algebra, to calculus... but it seems like being able to work through a problem while students watch is a critical component to teaching mathematics. Does anyone else out there teach mathematics courses? How have you found your experience teaching math online?


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