Why we Celebrate Earth Hour ?

My daughter and I had a laugh, ( maybe it shouldn't be funny ) over the hypocrisy of the powers that be shutting the lights off of the Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building, etc., ( during Earth Hour! ) while incredible amounts of radiation leak into the ocean off Japan, and last year the Deep Water spill in the gulf, and, oh, the Tar Sands in Canada, for how long, etc., etc.,
etc., as more such threatening things are authorized, with few if anyone actually paying for any crimes against individuals, and people riding around in their big SUVs, with two or three cars in the garage, and whatever, but I'd be more concerned about our so called leaders in that respect.
we celebrate earth hour to tell people how important are resources of environment is and not to waste them unnecessarily.

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  1. Earth Hour is being celebrated all over the world. Despite of its good goal, some people find it very annoying. For example, if you have a project needed to be passed on exactly the time the earth hour is scheduled. Anyway, projects should be done even before the deadline though. :D