It is time for a real life learning experience

Online teaching lends itself to lots of ways to reach students. You can add a video of your desktop with audio explaining how to do a task. You can add a PowerPoint - with audio explaining a point or assignment. Be sure to add a rubric for every assignment with clear directions. Each week give an outline ( suggestion ) as to what to accomplish every day so as to meet the deadline for the week or Module. This helps students to stay on track. But, like any class - face to face or online - there will always be students who are late or fail. I think it is also important to be fair - to those that accomplish the work and if someone has a legitimate excuse. One thing I do is canvas the other professors to learn what kind of student the person has been. If they have always been on time - then, this excuse is viewed as more valid. If they always are late and showing up with excuses...then, it is time for a real life learning experience. The student earns the grade they have earned.


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